With over 20 years of cutting experience, NPL offers the fastest quoting and turn around time in the market.

Emergency Orders

Have a super rush order? Our flexible staff can deliver on urgent orders by reorganizing priorities on the fly.

Competitive Pricing

Send us a quote request and we’ll be happy to supply you with a competitive price.

Engineering Team

Our engineering team and programmers have over 10 years of experience in fabrication and laser cutting.

Laser Cutting

We cut all different types of steel (mild, stainless steel and aluminum) and have two 6 x 12 foot laser beds for oversized parts. We also cut laser tubes up to 120″.


400 Ton Brake Press Our 20 foot press offers a solution for customers requiring cutting and bending.


We have the capability to weld small to medium size assemblies. We have three welding stations that can handle assemblies up to 120” long, and great partners that can do multiple processes.